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Including over 420 clients, over 1,300 projects, generating over 40 million products, and cooperation with over 30 countries.

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Custom Figurines Process

A seamless journey from concept to statue with precision craftsmanship.

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Figure making is simply exhilarating! We’ll collaboratively refine the concept, perfect the prototype, and ultimately bring to life truly remarkable final collectibles. The subsequent joy of holding, playing with, hugging, and admiring these toys is the cherry on top!

From the outside looking in, our clients may perceive the toy-making process as simple. However, behind the scenes, it involves a rigorous internal process with 65 major steps and hundreds of intricate design details and actions. From inception to delivery and beyond, our commitment and passion shine through as we strive to make each new toy the best one yet.

Our skilled Toy Makers and Master Craftsmen use a range of Toy Making technology. From the basic old-world handmade techniques to 3D CAD and 3D printing.
We made it easy for you to get a cost and place your Custom Figurines order. Just send an email with an image and answer the six simple questions below:
Feel Free to look over some of our Custom Figurines samples

Please email
Include images you would like your figurine modeled after.
What size would you like your custom figurine?
How many custom figurines do you need?
What date do you need your order delivered?
Feel free to add any other information about your personalized figurine project.

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